Trips & Tour
Get a very close experience of Bali. in Tulamben is a place to live and see firsthand Bali’s culture and history firsthand on day or half-day trips.
Choose from a wide variety of activities:

  • cultural trips, temple visits, ceremonies
  • hiking, trekking,
  • river rafting, Bali zoo, elephant park
  • shopping and monkey forrest in Ubud
  • DIVING and snorkeling
  • take a walk in beautifully cultivated rice fields, watching local farmers plowing, planting or harvesting.
  • climb the 1725 steps to the majestic temple of Lempuyang and enjoy a spectacular view at sunrise.
  • accompany the local fishermen on their early-morning work to their source of living, soaking up the first rays of the rising sun
  • experience the exotic and traditional dances in the extraordinary temple setting of Ubud
  • marvel the eye-catching skills of Seraya’s women weaving and dyeing
  • immerse into the bustling life of a local market
  • get to know the processes of Amed’s salt production
  • On numerous occasions, you will be given the opportunity to take an active part in Bali’s traditional vega 100 daily life. Experience temple ceremonies at full moon, dances, weddings, cremations and various types of other ceremonies.

Diving & Snorkling

Take advantage of well-known diving schools (PADI certified) in immediate vicinity. They offer courses and diving trips to marvelous coral reefs and fascinating underwater places. Multilingual service and just a few minutes away by boat or car.

  • Liberty Wreck in Tulamben
  • Japanese Wreck in Amed
  • Coral Garden 
  • Drop off
  • Melasti Macro
  • Seraya macro
  • Kuanji Macro
  • Segara Macro
  • Alam anda
  • Palong
  • Batu Kelebit
  • Emeral

Blessed with coral reefs direct on the premises of our resort you will get unforgettable snorkeling sensations.